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Flagrant UK: Helping Andrew Schulz find the perfect podcast studio!

We recently talked about how we helped find the perfect podcast space for musician and actor Kano’s talk with the Flagrant podcast crew. However, that’s only half the story… In addition to the Top Boy star, we also helped out Andrew Schulz of Flagrant with using the wonderful Fiction studios for episodes of his podcast […]

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Excited for Halloween? Here’s our spookiest Patches to rent!

Whether you want to do a spooky photoshoot, or host a Graveyard Smash somewhere nice this Halloween, we’ve got all kinds of spooky spaces to rent! Fully blackout Studio to rent in East London At the end of the day, the easiest way to make something scary is to shroud it in darkness. If you’re […]

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How to prepare for Halloween as a Beauty Professional

Whether or not Halloween is a legitimate holiday, one thing’s for certain: it’s a goldmine for professionals in the Hair & Beauty industry. Whether it’s people turning their nails into claws, painting their faces like tigers or dying the ends of their hair blue and pink to match that Harley Quinn look that is still […]

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What to do when opening a Hair Salon, and how HotPatch can help!

What’s the next best thing to working as a hairdresser? Opening a hair salon lets you do the work you love while also giving you an entire business to call your own. Naturally, it will take a lot of work, but there are some important things you can do before your salon even opens. HotPatch […]


Need a Warehouse to Rent? Here’s 5 large-scale studios from HotPatch!

We’re not expecting every customer on HotPatch to have a need for an entire warehouse, but for that 1% who do, we’ve got the wares for you! The warehouse space available to rent pictured below are dedicated to art, photography, events, or all of the above! 1050Sq ft Warehouse Studio for hire in Woolwich Tucked away in the famed industrial […]

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How HotPatch helped a Filmmaker begin his Journey

Wale, a filmmaker and one of our earliest HotPatchers, first came to one of our Patches in 2020. He needed a rehearsal space to practice with his group, the Maktub Theatre Group. We helped him find a stylish New York-style disco space, perfect for large group rehearsals and performances. The Patch also doubles as relaxing […]

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British Beauty Week Celebrates the Power of Beauty

At HotPatch, we love to help out professionals in the beauty industry however we can. Whether that’s by giving freelancers access to the world of hairstylist chairs, nail stations, beauty rooms and make-up spaces or helping Salon owners rent out their own space, we can lend a helping hand. We’re far from industry experts though, […]

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Top Boy, Top Patch – Finding the Perfect Podcast Space for Kano

How do you make a legendary Patch even more legendary? You bring in a legend to hang out there of course! We helped musician and Top Boy star Kano down to Fiction studios in order to take part in an episode of the Flagrant podcast. While looking more like a bookshop from some angles, this […]

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5 Places to Rent in Liverpool for all kinds of Professionals

HotPatch isn’t just about London! If you’re in Liverpool you’ll find we have a varied supply of Patches just waiting for you to book! Fully equipped Photography & Videography studio to rent in Liverpool The studio is curated for all your creative needs. With natural light coming from the skylights and an open-plan studio design​,​ […]

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4 of the Coolest Spots you can rent in Birmingham

HotPatch isn’t just about London! If you’re in Birmingham you’ll find we have a varied supply of Patches just waiting for you to book! Hairdresser chair to rent in a Beautiful Vintage Salon in Central Birmingham A snazzy 50s themes hairdresser, beauty salon, event venue and diner; this salon to rent is great for all sorts of professionals who want a trip back in time. Studio […]