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6 Top Tips for Hairdressers looking for a Salon Chair to Rent

Maybe you’re just starting out as a hairdresser, or maybe you are ready to shake things up and want to find a salon chair to rent for work on a flexible basis.

Here are 6 top tips from HotPatch to begin with, that should make things a lot easier in the long run:

1. Research

Always start with researching salons in your area offering chair rental and especially those that offer this flexibly.

It can be an easy mistake to assume that any salon will have a chair to spare, so make sure you’re only showing up to salons that want you.

HotPatch is a great tool for researching and finding the right salon in the area you need, and for booking flexibly to your schedule. With HotPatch you can narrow down the location, price and amenities when searching for a salon chair to rent.

Be sure to look out for salons that cater to the type of clientele you want to work with. This can potentially save you on equipment and products.

Above all else, make sure the salon is well received by customers, and that it has the kind of atmosphere you would enjoy working in.

2. Get in Touch!

Once research is out of the way, you might still have some burning questions before you are ready to book a chair to rent!

Sometimes, it is just simpler to ask if there is anything you’re unsure about.

Contact the salon and enquire about their chair rental policies, clarify any questions and you are good to go!

HotPatch‘s Contact Host feature can also help you introduce yourself to the salon’s staff and find out a bit more before making a booking.

3. What’s the plan?

Consider your budget and financial goals. Stick to these once you have them figured out.

With HotPatch you only need to pay for space for the time you use it. No need to book for a month if you’re only working two days a week. Also be sure to have your clients ready and in order before paying for your chair rental.

This kind of financial planning and research will best help you in achieving your long-term goals.

4. Be Prepared

If the salon doesn’t offer them, make sure you bring any equipment and products that are essential to your work.

This is where researching the best place for you to rent a chair matters the most, as ideally you don’t want to be transporting much equipment or buying large amounts of products for regular clientele.

On HotPatch, you can check a salon chair‘s Amenities section to confirm whether or not the tools you need are supplied.

Even if a salon has the equipment or supplies you need, they may not be available to professionals renting a chair on a temporary basis, so this is worth confirming with the salon in advance too.

We know that often mobile beauticians have a lot of equipment to manage. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this guide from one of our awesome HotPatchers, Jodie, on how to organise your freelance beauty equipment in an easy and efficient way:

5. Get Insured

In almost all cases, insurance will be a requirement for salons offering rental chairs.

As a hairdresser, no matter how or where you work you may be at risk for injuries on the job or accidents involving clients. It’s always a good idea to get liability insurance to protect yourself and increase the amount of salons you are able to work at.

6. Relationships for the Long Term

Set clear boundaries and expectations with your clients from day one.

Make sure you communicate your policies on appointments, cancellations, and payment to ensure a smooth and professional relationship.

If you’re directing clients to a new salon, make sure travel and locating the salon aren’t too difficult for them.

Even if one salon offering chair rental seems perfect, if it is not right for your clients you may need to reconsider.

For more about how HotPatch can help with your professional work, visit us here to see everything you’d need to know!

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