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Anomalous Space – Living up to its name in every way possible!

Anomalous Space is not just any old Patch. In fact, it’s at least 3 different Patches, each one having a multitude of uses. Anomalous Space call themselves a “family of multidisciplinary creatives that encompass general practitioners alongside deep specialists”. We caught up with the team in December and were lucky to be welcomed for a […]

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HotPatch Presents – Episode 1

At HotPatch, we are all about connecting people and places across our amazingly talented communities of beauticians, musicians, artists and more. That’s why we pulled out all the stops with the first edition of our live in-action series ‘HotPatch Presents’ – bringing together three incredible artists in one incredible Patch! We gathered at the Cargo […]

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Excited for Halloween? Here’s our spookiest Patches to rent!

Whether you want to do a spooky photoshoot, or host a Graveyard Smash somewhere nice this Halloween, we’ve got all kinds of spooky spaces to rent! Fully blackout Studio to rent in East London At the end of the day, the easiest way to make something scary is to shroud it in darkness. If you’re […]

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How to prepare for Halloween as a Beauty Professional

Whether or not Halloween is a legitimate holiday, one thing’s for certain: it’s a goldmine for professionals in the Hair & Beauty industry. Whether it’s people turning their nails into claws, painting their faces like tigers or dying the ends of their hair blue and pink to match that Harley Quinn look that is still […]


Need a Warehouse to Rent? Here’s 5 large-scale studios from HotPatch!

We’re not expecting every customer on HotPatch to have a need for an entire warehouse, but for that 1% who do, we’ve got the wares for you! The warehouse space available to rent pictured below are dedicated to art, photography, events, or all of the above! 1050Sq ft Warehouse Studio for hire in Woolwich Tucked away in the famed industrial […]

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4 of the Coolest Spots you can rent in Birmingham

HotPatch isn’t just about London! If you’re in Birmingham you’ll find we have a varied supply of Patches just waiting for you to book! Hairdresser chair to rent in a Beautiful Vintage Salon in Central Birmingham A snazzy 50s themes hairdresser, beauty salon, event venue and diner; this salon to rent is great for all sorts of professionals who want a trip back in time. Studio […]

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Multipurpose Patches: Making Space Work

Does your space have more uses than you might think? At HotPatch, our main ambition is connecting people who own space with people who need space, for all kinds of work and activities. If you own a salon with some spare beauty chairs, we can help interested hair stylists and beauticians find you. However, we […]

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Covid Recovery: How are Businesses Bouncing Back?

Following the rise and fall of Omicron over the Christmas period, it looks like the country’s two-year struggle with Covid-19 and its many variants is coming to an end. Masks are not required anywhere other than on London public transport, and Covid passes aren’t needed at events and venues. The pandemic crippled, or outright halted […]


Top Venues to rent for Christmas (and all year round!)

5 of our venues that are perfect to hire for Christmas events of all shapes and sizes. Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s the final stretch for getting last-minute presents, buying the turkey, and finding somewhere to party. That last one might sound the most daunting, but here you’ll find a selection […]

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The Best Secret Coworking Spaces to hire in London

HotPatch’s Hidden HotSpots Working remotely or remotely working, am I right? Wait, no. That’s the same thing. HotPatch has collated a list of some of the more unusual and unique coworking spaces that you can nest in and work at for the day, or by the hour. If you’re a London local, or perhaps you’re visiting […]