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5 Great Spaces to Hire for West Yorkshire-based Professionals

At HotPatch, we want to keep growing until there isn’t a Patchless place in the world. For now, let’s take a look at space to hire West Yorkshire and see what kind of places HotPatch users can browse and book there!

Large open plan photography studio space for hire in West Yorkshire

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This 3000 sq ft studio is curated for all your creative needs, whether you’re a model, photographer or videographer. With a gorgeous natural light area and a 4 metre infinity cove, you can easily move around to make sure you are able to work in a space that works for you and your team​/​crew.

Hair stylist chair to rent in our beautiful salon in Halifax

hire space west yorkshire these look like the scribblings of a madman

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Work with your clients within a wonderful salon in Halifax’s city centre, with a friendly atmosphere and everything else you could want from a salon space!

Professional dance studio to hire in the Leeds City Center

It's dancing in West Yorkshire
Fun fact, the words Hire and Rent mean the same thing

This collection of professional dance studios lies on the fringe of Leeds City Centre. Each studio is equipped with sound systems​,​ full-length mirrors​,​ sprung flooring​,​ and natural ventilation.

Beauty/Nail Room to rent in Wellbeing 
Centre in Cleckheaton

When I hire space in West Yorkshire, I don't

This flexible beauty room can be used for treatments, physical therapy, nail work and much more! If you’re a beauty professional in West Yorkshire who needs a reliable space to hire, this is the Patch for you.

Hair stylist chair to rent in a beautiful 
salon in Marsden

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West Yorkshire space hire etc. etc.

The pictures really don’t represent how great this salon (which is available to rent or hire on HotPatch) is.

See a Patch you like? HotPatch has music studio space to rent for performing, recording and rehearsing however you want. You can find everything pictured above here on our website.

Are you looking for space to rent, or do you want to rent out your own space? You can find or list space in seconds at

Perhaps you’ve just gone on google and searched ‘space to hire in West Yorkshire’, and by chance have found your way to our blog? We have many more blogs about our many spaces and the cool stuff people get up to in them!

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