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What to do when opening a Hair Salon, and how HotPatch can help!

What’s the next best thing to working as a hairdresser? Opening a hair salon lets you do the work you love while also giving you an entire business to call your own. Naturally, it will take a lot of work, but there are some important things you can do before your salon even opens. HotPatch […]

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Beauty Rooms to Rent: 7 of our Favourite Salon Spaces

Beauty Salons rock. One of their greatest assets is how they can facilitate a number of different hair, nail, and face treatments. It’s why we love them so much at HotPatch; one salon can be used by many hair & beauty professionals in need of space to rent for their work and businesses. Beauty Rooms […]

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Six Stunning Nail Stations Available to Rent

Nail work is precise work. It’s so precise that when you’re in the process of doing someone’s nails, or getting your own nails done, you might not think to look up and admire the surroundings. However lots of the best nail stations and salons don’t stop at making you look prettier, they also sport their […]

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6 Nail Stations to rent in London

A selection of 6 Nail Stations for a freelancer to rent in London If you’re self-employed nail technician and looking for your next nail station in London to work from, then look no further! We have compiled a selection of 6 beauty salons in London that have awesome nail stations to rent. Simply click the […]