HotPatch FAQ

What is HotPatch?

Great Question! HotPatch is a peer-to-peer platform for people to list and rent space.

It allows users and hosts to access and share any space: rental chairs in hair salons, fitness studios, offices, and anything else in between!

How does HotPatch build trust between users and hosts?

Building trust between users and hosts is our number one priority.

To achieve that, we have a first-class support system, including a 24-hour direct chat, unfiltered review sections, as well as a strong social media presence.

Why should I list or book through HotPatch?

Where do we start?

Listing and booking through HotPatch protects you under our Terms of Service, cancellation and refund policies.

Additionally, booking and listing through HotPatch means that you will provide and receive a review. A review is an important way of building trust and improves the likelihood of being chosen to host or access a space.

And, if that wasn’t enough.... HotPatch uses a dedicated and trusted payment platform meaning that all transactions are secure. Using HotPatch means that you are at a lower risk of fraud or other security issues!


Who can list space on HotPatch?

Anybody with a space that fits our requirements can list on HotPatch.

How do I list my space on HotPatch?

After completing a basic signup, you’ll be asked to follow an easy step-by-step process providing the details of your space.

Is there a cost to list my space on HotPatch?

Not a penny! Listing a space is completely free.

HotPatch only charges a small transaction fee of 5% on all bookings to help us maintain all the awesome tools you need to Make Space Work!

How much should I charge for my Patch?

When deciding on your rate, we suggest you look at similar spaces available on HotPatch and base yours accordingly.

Amongst other things, you should take into account whether you’ll be renting your space on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

If you have any questions about rates, feel free to contact us directly!

How soon can my Patch be listed on HotPatch?

As soon as your details are verified, your space can be listed immediately.

What user information can I view?

Patch Hosts have access to users’ summary statement, bio, past reviews, experience and any listed qualifications.

How do I get paid?

HotPatch uses Stripe, the most complete and reliable e-commerce payment platform.

To ensure that both the space and the user are as expected, payments are held for 24 hours after the start of a booking.

Money is then sent directly into your bank account.


Who can rent space on HotPatch?

Anybody can rent a space on HotPatch.

If a host is happy with your profile, then the space is yours!

How do I search for a space on HotPatch?

Searching for space on HotPatch couldn’t be easier: simply set your filters (space type, location, price range, dates, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

How much does it cost to rent on HotPatch?

Rents vary depending on the type of space, location, dates, as well as hourly, daily, or weekly rates.

Look out for potential discounts on extended renting periods.

What if I have questions for the Host about the Patch?

No problem!

Users can contact hosts through HotPatch’s direct chat.

How do I book with HotPatch?

Once you’ve found your Patch, simply request a booking.

Your host will then be able to view your profile and confirm that you can go ahead with the booking.

All you have to do now is confirm payment and you’re all set.

When is payment taken for my HotPatch booking? Payment is collected once the host accepts your booking.

To ensure that both the space and the user are as expected, payments are held for 24 hours after the start of a booking.

More questions?

Reach out to our awesome team anytime. We’re here to help,