About us

Discover HotPatch, the space-sharing platform that allows you to book the space you need, whenever you need it.

More and more, we’re seeing that professionals from around the world are wanting to work on their own terms, in a place that best suits them. Meanwhile business owners are looking to make the most out of their underused space.

At HotPatch, we work hard to bridge the gap between those seeking a flexible space to work from and those with space available. Whether you’re a flexible worker, or a business looking to benefit from your underused space, this is where HotPatch comes in.

Make Space Work for You

In order to remove the disconnect between those with space and those who need it, HotPatch is offering a dependable platform that’s easy to use and completely transparent.

There’s no multi-page enquiry shenanigans here. Get straight to browsing the incredible offering of Patches and booking them as quickly as possible. HotPatch is dedicated to making space work for you with as few obstacles as possible.

Maybe you’re a fitness professional or a hairdresser? An events planner, artist, or photographer? Perhaps a business owner who wants to bring in more income from their awesome space? We’re here to help.

Have any questions? Head over to our FAQ or reach out to the HotPatch team at hello@hotpatch.com.

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