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15 Location Shoot Spaces to Hire on Demand!

Finding the right location to hire does not need to be tough.

New product line launching? Working on next seasons collection and ready to show it off in style? Whether you’re a Photographer or Videographer, or whole production team, sometimes renting a simple studio doesn’t do enough for your shoot.

You might be sitting there searching for a photo studio to hire with the perfect idea in mind of the scene you want to create for your advert or marketing campaign. However, perhaps that scene already exists in the natural (or man-made) world!

Where better to produce an advertising campaign for your new product than a stunning outdoor site available to rent whenever you want? If you’re looking for a location for summer or winter fashion shoots, how about a seasonally-themed Patch available to hire in advance? Maybe your new film needs a gritty or dark environment; where better to set it than an abandoned factory?

Having a real-world basis for your shoot can save you a lot of production time, as well as allowing you to be creative in brand new ways.

We have a huge range of Patches to hire for location shoots; both indoor shoot locations and outdoor shoot locations. Here’s just a pick of 15 location shoot spaces to hire with HotPatch:

Traditional British Pub to rent for Film and Location Shoots in North London

This is a 1764.23 sq ft pub in Halliford Street N1​,​ available for film and photoshoots. The exposed bricks​,​ tiled floor​,​ and colourful details confer the venue with a quirky vibe without losing the charm of the traditional British Inn. As the title suggests, this spot is great for both photo shoots and tv production too, so if you’re in need of a venue for your homely sitcom or a new drink’s advertising campaign, look no further!

18th Century villa to rent in Romford

This elliptical villa is charming, unique and above all an awesome venue for your next music video. While the inside gives you a great performance space for filming, the outside adds to that with a barn vibe that looks beautiful both in the day and at night.

Gym to hire for filming and events in Battersea

Every top athlete needs someone there to be capturing their best moments. Where best to get some shots for your training website, workout cd, music video or whatever high-intensity action you need than in a Patch primed and ready for fitness?

Mansion House to rent in Kent

A 16th century manor house with an eclectic decor and themed rooms​,​ manicured lawns​,​ woodlands​,​ barn and outhouses. The number of differently-lit rooms with a wide array of props is a major asset to any content-creator, choreographer or other photography professional who cares about making the most of their filming venue.

Jacobean Huntington 
Lodge with Pool to hire in Surrey

All the coolest ads are in swimming pools nowadays, and you can join them by renting this Patch. It has 6 bedrooms, 5 reception rooms and lots of space for crew parking, not to mention the expansive outdoor area which gives you a lot of freedom to set out your shoot the way you want.

Historical Multi-Floor Factory Building for hire in Hackney Wick

This former eyewear factory is a heritage site that stands in the heart of Hackney Wick​,​ a vibrant area home to many creatives.

Exposed bricks​,​ concrete floors​,​ ornate tiles​,​ incredible well-preserved memorabilia and a rich history​​ gift this building with a unique character that makes it an enchanting location for film​,​ photography​,​ video production and fashion shoots.

Muti-room Cocktail bar to rent in Central London

This bar and events venue is split into several differently-themed sections, making it a great Patch for all sorts of product and advertising shoots. If you’re launching a new product and are lost for ideas on how to market it, this space has plenty of inspiration for you.

Hairstylist Salon and Collaborative Studio to rent in South London

No, you haven’t mis-clicked and ended up on a blog about the best Hair & Beauty spaces in the business (although it would fit in pretty well there too), this salon is also available to rent as a very pristine looking shoot location. Whether you’re in the beauty biz and want a great space to show off your newest styles or product, or a filmmaker in need of a harmless looking space to film their soap, it’s a multipurpose Patch to be amazed by!

150acre Farm to hire in Hertfordshire

Featuring derelict buildings​, barns, woodlands and even a helipad,​ this Patch offers an experience unlike any other for which makes it ideal for live streams, adverts that require a wide space, and big countryside video shoots. A great space for photography and film professionals that need a setting with more flavour.

Railway Arch Studio to hire in Brixton

tunnel location shoot space to hire
Click here to hire this tubular Patch for yourself!

This is a 2​,​000 sq ft multi-purpose photo studio in an exposed-brick Railway arch. The lighting is adjustable​,​ with additional lighting equipment and reflectors provided. In addition​,​ there are a number of seating and decorative props to use for shoots.

The underground vibe of this Patch can make the perfect setting for an advert, film, music video or a plain old photoshoot.

Boxing Gym for hire near 
London Bridge

Another fitness space that packs a picturesque punch too. This gym can be used for standard photography, music videos, and live events. The space, light, and sound system make it perfect for any kind of photography and videography.

Elegant mid-century modern photo and video studio to rent in the heart of Clerkenwell

An elegant and well equipped mid-century modern photographic and video rental studio in the heart of Clerkenwell. For modelling and commercial shoots, it has a great professional vibe to it while giving the photographer a lot of varied props and angles to work their magic with.

Beautifully Photogenic DJ Studio in London

We’re not gonna argue with that title! For musicians, photographers or content creators who need some decks to really bring their images and videos together, this Patch is second to none.

Period Cottage with 
leisure facilities to rent in Abingdon

A large and beautifully presented period property with an outstanding leisure complex comprising a swimming pool and gymnasium. The whole cottage has an otherworldly vibe that might be exactly what your product launch or music video needs.

Theatre space to hire in Dalston

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to try very hard to make a photoshoot in a place like this not look outstanding by default. If you’re looking for rehearsal shots, or in-costume shoots of cast members for a pre-show programme, this Patch gives you all the glorious backdrops you could want.

If any of the location shoot spaces to hire here take your liking, why not head to HotPatch and book one for yourself? You can find everything pictured above and more right here.

Alternatively, maybe you have your own space that would benefit from being let out to others? You can list it with ease by heading here.

Perhaps you’ve just gone on google and searched ‘shoot locations near me’ or ‘location shoot spaces to hire’, and by chance have found your way to our blog? We have many more blogs about our many spaces and the cool stuff people get up to in them!

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