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How a Freelance Nail Tech can find the perfect station to rent with HotPatch

We have shown you a lot of our community members who have used HotPatch to elevate their business and their income. Let’s take a look at one of our HotPatch Heroes who has been a part of our community since 2020! Meet Ruth, nail artist and owner of Fleuri Nails, which she founded in March […]

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How The GoGo Burns Laid down a quality cover with a HotPatch Studio

This band is on fire with passionate tunes… ..and with the help of a high-quality recording studio available on HotPatch, the neighbours won’t be complaining about the noises above! This performance has us obsessed, without becoming a bore, oh no! Now that I’ve ran out of appropriate lyrics from the song in question, let’s talk […]

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HotPatch catches up with Jodie Sheehan: How do you organise your freelance Make Up Artist kit?

HotPatch catches up with Jodie Sheehan: How do you organise your freelance Make Up Artist kit? What a pain it is for a freelance make up artist when your kit is in disarray: carrying around more bags than you have arms and shoulders for, making several trips back and forth to the car, or leaving an […]

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Music Studio to Rent: 5 of our Best Sounding Spaces in London!

Your music deserves a studio-quality recording. And where else is there to go for studio-quality sound than in a music studio? So where do you find a music studio to hire? We’ve got a couple ideas… With our selection of studios to rent in London, we’re making it simpler to be able to produce your dream […]


Meeting room hire in Central London: 5 of our stylish spaces!

At HotPatch, we cater to all kinds of meetings, both big and small. Whether you like an extravagant scene for your corporate catch-ups, or just need a big table for a quick meet, we have a Patch for you. Meeting Room to rent with a hotel comfort in the heart of London This newly refurbished hotel suite serves as a classy meeting room located on the hotel’s […]


Massage Table to rent in North West London: 5 HotPatch Picks

Do you need a table or similar space to rub people’s backs on? Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or just getting into the industry, a good space to practice your work unites us all. With HotPatch, you can rent these rooms, and many more, on whatever flexible basis you want! Tranquil Massage Bed for rent […]

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Dance Studio for rent in Mayfair, Brixton, Wapping and more!

You can dance if you want to, but you’ll still need somewhere to perform! Fortunately, it’s easy to find a dance studio for rent with HotPatch Whether you need space for solo struts, group performances, or large-scale theatrical practice, we have a studio for you! Incredibly spacious studio to hire in Brixton​,​ London This Patch […]

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Podcast Studio Hire in Hackney, Haggerston and More!

If you’re one of the increasing number of people who want the world to hear you talk to your friends/self about politics and/or breakfast, then you might not want to jump in head-first with buying all the necessary gear for a high-quality podcast. If podcast equipment rental doesn’t work for you, why not hire the […]

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Salon Room for Rent: 5 spaces in and around Whitechapel

If you’re looking for salon room to rent near you, look no further! HotPatch has every type of salon rental, nail booth rental, and beauty treatment room rental a Hair & Beauty professional could need to serve their clients. Here are just 5 of our spaces based in and around Whitechapel! Treatment room available to […]


5 Shoot Locations to hire in and around North London

If you’re in North London and looking for the best place for a photoshoot, look no further! At HotPatch, as well as our many photo studios, we also have a varied selection of locations for photoshoots available. For both indoor and outdoor photoshoots, we have the following: Traditional British Pub to rent for Film and […]

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Photography Studio Rental – 10 Picture-perfect Patches

Picture this: you’ve got your gear, you know what kind of location you need to shoot in, but you’re still lost at exactly which studio to use. Not every photographer can just buy or make their own space, so photography studio rental is the next best thing. At HotPatch you can find tons of studios […]