Need a Warehouse to Rent? Here’s 5 large-scale studios from HotPatch!

We’re not expecting every customer on HotPatch to have a need for an entire warehouse, but for that 1% who do, we’ve got the wares for you! The warehouse space available to rent pictured below are dedicated to art, photography, events, or all of the above!

1050Sq ft Warehouse Studio for hire in Woolwich

Tucked away in the famed industrial south east of London. This beautiful 1050 square foot converted warehouse studio​​ has quickly become a favourite with creatives looking for a space to bring their projects to life. From clients such as MTV to small student films and magazine submissions, all projects are welcome in this beautiful​,​ versatile space.

Historical Multi-Floor Factory Building for hire in Hackney Wick

This former eyewear factory is a heritage site that stands in the heart of Hackney Wick​,​ a vibrant area home to many creatives. The warehouse is arranged over four floors​,​ allowing different hiring options​,​ including a breath-taking rooftop.

With huge windows providing a lot of natural light and a ceiling at 11.5 ft of height​,​ its architecture makes it sought after for many artistic projects. ​Exposed bricks​,​ concrete floors​,​ ornate tiles​,​ incredible well-preserved memorabilia and its rich history​ gift this building with a unique character that makes it an enchanting location for film​,​ photography​,​ video production and fashion shoots.

Multi-Purpose Arts Hub to rent for events, shoots and exhibitions in Tottenham

A light-filled warehouse building in Tottenham​,​ London with room for up to 300. This spot can host a diverse range of live shows including underground club music​,​ immersive art events​,​ theatre​,​ live performance and exhibitions.

Spacious Warehouse to rent in Kent

This 16​,​000 sq ft Victorian Factory is a spacious and well-lit location​,​ great for film and photo shoots. A simple layout, but with the potential for all sorts of creative events!

Multi-functional Warehouse to rent for creatives in Ilford

We’ve shown you warehouses of all shapes and sizes, but nothing quite compares to this behemoth. This is an industrial​/​ warehouse suitable for large-scale commercial or music and cultural events as well as film and photographic shoots. With both indoor and outdoor space​,​ 24-hour access,​ 42​,​225 sq ft of inside space​,​ 49​,​881 sq ft of car park space​,​ 22​,​202sq ft of outdoor garden space​,​ 23m high ceilings​,​ and a staggering indoor capacity of 10​,​000​,​ there is nowhere else quite like it.

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