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How Can I film in a Gym?

It can be tricky finding the right gym to film in! HotPatch offers a seamless solution to discover and rent gyms for filming. In this blog, we’ll explore how HotPatch can simplify the process of finding the perfect gym for your project. Define Your Requirements: Begin by outlining your project’s needs, such as the type […]

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Discover the Ultimate Finsbury Park Dance Studio

Find your rhythm in Finsbury Park, North London, where dance dreams come alive in these vibrant dance studios hosted by Silvia. HotPatch presents two dynamic spaces designed to ignite your creativity, whether you’re pirouetting, choreographing, or striking a pose. Let’s dive into the beat of Studio 1 and Studio 2, where movement meets magic. Studio […]


Knockout Spaces: How to find the right boxing gym hire!

If you’re ready to lace up your gloves and unleash your inner champion, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we explore the how to find the right boxing gym hire, as we’re proud to offer a knockout selection of boxing gym rentals that will take your training to the next level. Crafting […]


Empowering Fitness Professionals: Amazing Studio Spaces on HotPatch

HotPatch is your partner in finding the ultimate fitness studio space that’s conveniently close for both you and your clients. We get it – in this industry, location is everything. Clients want ease and accessibility, and we’re here to make sure you can deliver by helping to find a fitness studio space for rent near […]

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6 ways to use a yoga studio that don’t include yoga!

Whatever the occasion, there’s a Patch for you. At HotPatch, we are all about Making Space Work in as many ways as possible. In this blog, we want to showcase the incredible versatility of yoga studios by highlighting six unique ways you can make use of a yoga studio to rent, even if you’re not […]

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Rent Gym Space, Yoga Studios and more with these 7 Patches

Want to rent gym space at your own pace? Not every trainer, or every client, will be able to benefit fully when sharing their training space with half a dozen others. Unfortunately, a lot of gyms and fitness spaces can be hard to hire privately. That’s why you might want to rent gym space for […]

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Covid Recovery: How are Businesses Bouncing Back?

Following the rise and fall of Omicron over the Christmas period, it looks like the country’s two-year struggle with Covid-19 and its many variants is coming to an end. Masks are not required anywhere other than on London public transport, and Covid passes aren’t needed at events and venues. The pandemic crippled, or outright halted […]

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The Benefits of Renting a Fitness Studio for Your Business: HotPatch catches up with Michael Brown

Are you searching for a fitness studio to rent near your location? Renting a fitness studio can offer many benefits for both established fitness businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. By having your own space to work out or host group classes, you’ll be able to create unique workout experiences that engage and motivate your clients and […]

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5 Reasons To Hire A Fitness Studio Privately

5 Reasons To Hire A Private Fitness Studio If you were offered the opportunity to hire a fitness studio privately each week, you might say, come off it; I’m not Bill Gates. Unless you are Bill Gates of course, in which case you’re probably thinking, ‘I actually am Bill Gates’ almost all of the time. Private […]

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Stand out from the Crowd: The Definitive Guide to Listing your Patch

Stand out from the Crowd: The Definitive Guide to Listing your Patch Grab users attention with a few top tips on listing your space to rent with HotPatch. Is your HotPatch listing getting the attention it deserves? We have tried to make the process of listing a workspace with HotPatch as simple as possible, but here […]