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Rent Gym Space, Yoga Studios and more with these 7 Patches

Want to rent gym space at your own pace?

Not every trainer, or every client, will be able to benefit fully when sharing their training space with half a dozen others. Unfortunately, a lot of gyms and fitness spaces can be hard to hire privately. That’s why you might want to rent gym space for yourself and your client, without needing to sign on to long-term programs or contracts. This way you can avoid all the distractions, and focus on giving your client some top-level training.

Whether you help people with physical or mental wellbeing, one of the most important things you need is an inviting space with any of the equipment you might need. Thus, finding private gym space to rent on a flexible basis is a must-have.

At HotPatch, we have gyms for personal trainers to rent and all sorts of other space for fitness instructors. From high-tech training spaces to relaxing well-lit yoga studios, you can find something to fit you and your clients’ tastes.

Fully equipped Personal Training Studio for hire in Hammersmith, London

Fully-equipped with weights, yoga props and a spread-out excercise area, this studio is a great Patch to rent for personal trainers and instructors who want to give their clients a full-on anaerobic training session.

Studio & Coffee Bar to rent for Yoga and Fitness in London N1

They say yoga can help you achieve inner peace, so where else to teach the art of mind, body and soul in a tranquil and beautifully lit space like this? As well as being right next to a cafe for some post-meditation refreshments, the high-vaulted ceilings make this Patch perfect for yoga students to stretch out with no limits.

Gym to hire, great for filming and events in Battersea, London

You won’t be starved for choice of equipment in this library of exercise. No matter what kind of routine you and your clients want to practice, you’ll find the tools you need here. In addition, this gym also has a spacious studio area for yoga instructors and other types of fitness education.

Multifunction studio to rent (yoga and fitness) in Sheffield

Fancy hanging around here for a session? This space is great for instructors who teach more above-ground forms of yoga. In addition, the space can be quickly converted into a more traditional yoga studio for the other 99.5% of yoga instructors.

Boxing Gym for hire near London Bridge

Boxing is just one of the many exercises and routines catered by this hidden private gym space. For personal trainers who need more technical equipment for their clients, this space offers rowing, sprinting and skiing machines aplently. The spacious combat training areas also make this Patch great for yoga and other meditative exercises.

Studio to rent in Hertfordshire wellness clinic

Another tranquil venue for your yoga class, this roof space lets the sunlight shine down on whatever kind of class you want to teach. Pilaties, therapies, and other forms of yoga are all easy to coordinate in this wide and well-lit Patch.

Loft Style Gym With Exposed Brickwork to hire in North West London

This space combines everything you could want as a personal trainer. High ceilings, a multitude of fitness equipment, and refreshments provided make this private gym an excellent choice on honing your clients’ training.

HotPatch has studios in London, Manchester, and elsewhere across the country for trainer and trainee alike to work in their own space.

Maybe you own your own gym space, or any space that is wide enough for fitness training? You can list it in seconds, so that other PTs and instructors can make the most of it when you aren’t.

For any further questions, please do reach out to us in the comments below, online or on our social media channels:

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