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13 UK beauty editors on their beauty ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ for 2024

Whether you’re big into New Year’s resolutions and vision boarding or you live by more of a ‘New Year, same me’ mantra – January is a great time to look at the year ahead and reassess what’s working and what’s not.

No one knows beauty better than the editors that get to write about it every day. From brilliant make-up launches to trends that are so 2023, a beauty editor’s job is to test and try the very best in beauty – so if a product gains a genuine spot in their bathroom cabinet, you better know it’s worth it.

With that in mind, we asked 13 of the top British beauty editors what their 2024 ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ are. If you’re looking for product recommendations, routine tweaks and treatments to invest in, keep reading…

1) Chloe Burcham

Chloe is a freelance beauty editor and contributes for titles such as Stylist, Women’s Health and Grazia…


IN FOR 2024: Cream eyeshadows

‘I’m really into cream eyeshadows at the moment, specifically RMS’ Eyelights in the shade Flare. I’m a big advocate for cream products in general (I’m obsessed with Rare Beauty Blush and Reeson Bronzer) but I recently started using this creamy shadow and it’s an absolute game-changer. They’re fool-proof to apply with just your fingertips but give a professional finish that looks like you’ve had your make-up done – it’s an easy win for me.’

IN FOR 2024: Face tanning serums

Whether you’re a year-round tanner like me or simply want something subtle to boost your glow, Bare By Vogue’s Face Tanning Serum is a must-have in my beauty bag. I apply it as the last step of my skincare routine once or twice a week and the following morning I wake up with a healthy-looking glow that makes me look and feel a million times better.’

OUT FOR 2024: Smudging mascaras

‘It’s 2024 people! How are companies still developing mascaras that end up smeared under your lash line two hours after application? What’s even more annoying is when they’re marketed as smudge-free – lies!’


2) Perdita Nouril

Perdita is Beauty Editor at Women’s Health UK…


IN FOR 2024: Korean & Japanese SPFs. The textures are lighter and fresher, the protection really goes the distance and they don’t interfere with makeup. Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence SPF is unrivalled.

IN FOR 2024: Exosomes facials. I had one done a few months back with Dr Sophie Shotter and didn’t wear a scrap of makeup for weeks afterwards. Combined with microneedling, exosomes are applied via a serum and are used as ‘signalling molecules’ to stimulate your skin at a cellular level. They hunt out cells in need of repair and basically give them a kick in the rear, helping them to speed up collagen and elastin production. My glow was next level, plus I found this facial much kinder than acid based facials that strip your skin barrier.

OUT FOR 2024: Skincare that claims to give you glazed, glass or iced skin as it’s completely unrealistic. Let’s leave that weird branding chat firmly in the hands of doughnut and coffee house marketeers shall we? See also ‘detox’ masks.


3) Jacqueline Kilikita

Jacqueline is Deputy Beauty Director at Refinery 29 UK…


IN FOR 2024: Wildsmith Skin Overnight Hydrating Mask

‘I use this as a night cream and my skin has never looked better thanks to probiotics and deeply hydrating pentavitin (much like hyaluronic acid).’

IN FOR 2024: OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum

‘Like Olaplex for your nails, this boosts keratin so that nails become stronger and more resilient in a matter of days.’

OUT FOR 2024: Laminated brows

‘The laminated brow is dead. Not only is the treatment expensive to keep up with, but it’s possible to over-process your brow hairs, leaving them brittle. In 2024, professionals predict we’ll ditch the electrocuted look and lean more towards fluffy yet natural brows using soft, sculpting gels like Rare Beauty Harmony Flexible Lifting Gel and Kosas AIR BROW Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel.’


4) Verity Clark

Verity is beauty editor at The Sunday Times Style…


IN FOR 2024: Essences

‘Essences! 2023 was the year that I fell in love, ok got addicted to facial essences. I know a lot of people roll their eyes and think of these watery pre-serums as an unnecessary extra step but trust me once you start you won’t stop. I find it adds an extra layer of hydration and kind of peps up my skin more than usual – I really notice if I skip it. Last year I had Orveda The Vital Sap (horribly expensive but addictively good) and Fresh Kombucha Essence on rotation.’

IN FOR 2024: Merit blush

‘Can I have the whole Merit collection please? It was my favourite make-up launch of 2023 – subtle, simple to use, seriously good. If I have to choose just one, the Merit Flush Balm blush is my standout, you don’t need to be good at makeup to use you can smudge and smush and it gives the perfect hint of colour for everyday wear.’

OUT FOR 2024: Barbiecore

‘I don’t want to see a fuschia lip, a magenta eye or a hot pink cheek for a very long time.’


5) Keeks Reid

Keeks is Contributing Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan UK…


IN FOR 2024: Vitamin C

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Antioxidant Serum has upped my skin’s glow by 100% so it’s staying firmly put in my routine for 2024.’

IN FOR 2024: Essences

‘There’s something so satisfying about splashing on an essence post-cleansing and my skin drinks up the hydration.’

OUT FOR 2024: Products you have to “feel” working

‘Anything that remotely stings or burns is coming off immediately. I have no desire to obliterate my skin barrier again.’


6) Morgan Fargo

Morgan is a freelance beauty editor who has previously held positions at Stylist Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine…


‘Last year, my mantra was skin and hair health first, everything else second. And it paid off. Entering the new year, my chronically dry skin and strands feel juicer and plumper than ever, in large part thanks to the products I slathered myself with in 2023.’

IN FOR 2024: ‘Firstly, the Naturium Glow Getter Multi-Oil Hydrating Body Wash was a revelation. I would get out of the shower with my moisturising routine already started, hydration locked into the skin thanks to the hybrid help of glycerin, oils and squalane.’

IN FOR 2024: ‘For my hair, the Ouai Fine Hair shampoo and conditioner helped strengthen my hair without weighing it down. Hero’s work.’

OUT FOR 2024: ‘Heatless curling hacks. Not because they’re not great (they are) but there are easier ways to create a soft wave in your hair overnight than sleeping with a drawer’s worth of socks on your scalp.’


7) Laura Capon

Laura is a freelance beauty editor having previously held positions at Cosmopolitan UK…


IN FOR 2024Nécessaire The Shampoo

‘I’m not usually one to suffer with scalp problems but at the end of last year I noticed it started to feel irritated immediately post shower. I switched brands, turned down the water temperature but nothing worked and it felt like it was getting worse until I tried this. From the first time using it, my scalp felt calmer and I now have no irritation at all. I’m just about to finish my third bottle and while I integrate other brands again, this, will forever remain in my shower for 2024.’

IN FOR 2024: Skin Rocks The Rich Moisturiser

‘I’m going to sound like a mess, but as well as my scalp, my face also finished 2023 in the super sensitive category. Despite me caring for my barrier better than any house plant I’ve ever owned. This was a new discovery to me at the end of 2023 and it really was love at first swipe. It’s thick but not greasy and it feels instantly reparative. Honestly, it has been as comforting to me as the 13.5 tog duvet I finally purchased in December.’

OUT FOR 2024: Eyeshadow palettes

‘There was a time when I’d never believe these words would leave my mouth, but I haven’t reached for an eyeshadow palette in months and it’s a trend that I’m sure will continue in 2024. Give me cream formulas, colourful eyeliners or single shadows instead. Anything that doesn’t take up an entire drawer.’


8) Twiggy Jalloh

Twiggy is Beauty and Wellness Associate at British Vogue…


IN FOR 2024: Water-Gel Moisturisers

‘I don’t think my skin has loved a moisturiser more than it has the Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel. For context, I have oily and very acne-prone skin that absolutely detests heavy moisturisers. So when I was on the lookout for a hydrating, moisturising and lightweight moisturiser after a bout (very drying) of retinol use, skin health specialist Dija Ayodele handed this over to me. It locks in moisture, my skin drinks it in, it is lightweight, but actually makes my skin feel hydrated – and is great to wear under make-up.’

IN FOR 2024: Wide-surface Pimple Patches

‘One pimple, easy to ignore until it reduces in size and disappears – but when a crew of them suddenly assemble, it gets a little harder to. This is when the wider-surfaced Hero Mighty Pimple Patches Surface comes in and saves the day. This XL hydrocolloid medical-grade strip covers 10x more than the original, flattens spots and alleviates the temptation to pop.’

OUT FOR 2024: Topical Collagen

‘Though skincare can help increase moisture levels and plump skin through hydration, they can not effectively increase collagen levels below the surface of skin. Most pro-collagen products are promising things they can’t deliver. Skin cell turnover producing skincare with ingredients such as retinol will work far better as they smoothen, plump and increase collagen production in the skin.’


9) Lucy Partington

Lucy is a freelance beauty editor having previously held positions at Stylist Magazine and Cosmopolitan UK…


IN FOR 2024: Arkive dry shampoo

‘It’s potentially a bit predictable but I’m taking Arkive’s dry shampoo into 2024 and beyond – it’s up there with my favourite product discoveries. I’m a dry shampoo fiend anyway but this one smells incredible (just like every other product in the range), it really works and it’s affordable.’

IN FOR 2024: Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Body Lotion

‘Alongside that, I’m also taking Naturium’s Bio-Lipid Restoring Body Lotion because not only is it serious value for money, but it’s also incredibly hydrating, it isn’t sticky or greasy and it absorbs so quickly.’

OUT FOR 2024: Overpriced skincare

‘I’m leaving overpriced, expensive skincare behind. There are so many affordable (and actually effective) products available now, and there were so many good launches from high street brands last year, and so I truly believe that you really don’t need to spend a fortune on having a decent routine, unless, of course, you want to.’


10) Hannah Coates

Hannah is Acting Senior Beauty & Wellness Editor at British Vogue…


IN FOR 2024: Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Blush

‘I’ve tried every cream blush in the book, and this one reigns supreme. Delivering a dewy, outdoorsy flush, it’s yet another excellent product by Kim K’s go-to make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic.’

IN FOR 2024: Klira The Special

‘Nothing has improved my skin quite like Klira’s The Special. A dermatology service (by Dr Emma Craythorne), my prescription blend of 15% azelaic acid, 0.01% tretinoin and 1% ivermectin not only keeps my rosacea under control, but makes my skin glow with health. Obsessed.’

OUT FOR 2024: Niacinamide

‘I will never understand the obsession with niacinamide. Every time I’ve tried a dedicated serum or cream with the ingredient inside, I’ve broken out, so 2024 is the year I avoid at all costs.’


11) Ata-owaji Victor

Ata-owaji Victor is a Freelance Beauty And Lifestyle Writer who contributes to titles such as ELLE, Grazia and Vice…


IN FOR 2024KISS Falscara Lash Extensions

‘I love eye make-up. Glitters, liners and perhaps most of all a beautifully lifted lash. As my own lashes form quite a uniformed curl perfect for mascaras that wash away come nighttime, when it comes to crafting more defined looks, I’ve been loving using the Kiss falscara sets, mostly as they provide a natural addition to my eyes in a way that previously has only been made possible by lengthy lash appointments. If 2024 is the year we’ve decided to bring back colour – blush, blue mascara ect – then I am declaring 2024 my year of lash.’

OUT FOR 2024: Overly complex skincare routines

‘This feels alien to even type, but I believe a culmination of lockdown routines, TikTok and our newfound love of skincare has led to overworked bathroom sinks across the nation. So although I am far from throwing out my favourite masks and essences, this year I want to go back to basics with my skin and leave the luxurious 10-step moments to experts (and my Sunday Night Everything bath).’


12) Amerley Ollennu

Amerley is a freelance beauty editor, contributing regularly to titles such as Glamour, Marie Claire and Eliza…


IN FOR 2024: Relevant Your Skin Seen Beam + Glow Eye Serum

‘It’s often hard to know if your eye products are actually worth shelling out for, but I’m mightily impressed with this plant-based eye serum. Packed with brightening and firming coffee seed oil, hydrating banana fruit extract and protective shea butter, this serum has been formulated with all skin types and tones in mind. I’ve noticed a massive difference when it comes to puffiness and even my dark circles (the result of thinner skin rather than pigmentation) have disappeared. Plus, the light yet deeply hydrating texture has meant I’ve not developed any milia despite using it day and night, while the ceramic tip is a nice touch especially first thing in the morning.’

IN FOR 2024: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Body Cream

‘I always have good intentions when it comes to moisturising my body but find after a few days I start skipping this part of my beauty routine. Usually because I don’t have the time to wait for it all to sink in before I get dressed in the morning, or dive under my duvet at night. But this hydrating and firming cream might just make my new year’s resolution of moisturising daily far easier to achieve. It’s luxuriously thick, yet sinks in and dries down quickly, and it leaves my skin glowing and smooth to the touch.’

OUT FOR 2024: Mascara

‘I’m ditching mascara for lash extensions. I know it sounds wild, but in my 20 years as a beauty editor I’ve yet to find a mascara that truly works for me – and I’ve tried many! I have small almond shaped eyes and wasn’t blessed with an abundance of lashes, and while I’ve absolutely come across a number of mascaras that have beautifully transformed my eyelashes – there’s always been a catch. Either I end up with panda eyes because when I blink my lashes brush against my skin, or the formulas stay put but are a ‘mare to remove. Frankly, I’m tired of constantly hunting for my holy grail of mascaras and I love that lash extensions make me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from the moment I wake up.’


13) Madeleine Spencer

Madeleine is a Freelance Beauty & Wellness Editor at The Evening Standard UK…


IN FOR 2024: Perfume oils

‘More specifically Nest’s Perfume Oil. There’s something so delightfully decadent about drizzling a scented oil into your body moisturiser, making it feel like an absolute treat. I find it really holds, too, hugging my skin and making it smell delightful all day. These are the best I’ve found yet.’

IN FOR 2024: KIKO High Pigment eyeshadow

‘Take a firm brush, smudge a little of this into the outer corner, and you get all the structure of a liquid line with all the softness of powder. It’s perfect, and much less hard work that wielding a liquid liner. Also, cost per wear: minimal.’

OUT FOR 2024: Intense at home skincare

‘Microneedling. Serious retinols. Peels. The risk of doing damage short and long-term is too high, and unless in skilled hands, many of these ingredients and tools can be dangerous. I like to equate good skincare to dental stuff: I floss and brush at home but go to the hygienist for anything requiring knowledge and nous.’


Original article written by Chloe Burcham for the Women’s Health. Original article featured here.

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