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Photography Studio Rental – 10 Picture-perfect Patches

Picture this: you’ve got your gear, you know what kind of location you need to shoot in, but you’re still lost at exactly which studio to use. Not every photographer can easily buy or make their own space, so photography studio rental is the next best thing. At HotPatch you can find tons of studios around the country with different layouts, lighting, and equipment to suit your needs.

Photo & Film Gallery Studio to rent in Hackney Wick

A three-level gallery situated in a private plaza, this studio not only gives you a wide space to work with, but also the ability to shoot from above and below with its mezzanine floor overlooking the main area. The ceiling windows allow good natural lighting, while the studio also has a blackout system, where the studio can be made pitch-black.

An Awesome Photography Studio to hire in Norwich

Sometimes you want a few background options for your shoot, and studios like this can lend a helping hand with multiple background options, as well as a roller shutter and high ceilings letting you expertly craft the right colour and light for your pictures.

Large Infinity Cove Studio to rent in South West London

For those of you that need a refresher, an Infinity Cove is an all-white space with curved edges instead of straight corners. The curves make the floor and wall flow seamlessly into each other, making the ‘cove’ appear as if it’s going on forever in your image. If you’ve ever seen a picture or video where the subject appears to be in an empty void, they were most likely using one of these.

The width of this space, combined with the size of its infinity cove, give you a lot of room for large-scale shoots if you need them.

Large Blackout Studio to rent in South West London

If you’re aiming for a blackout shoot, you might want more than an optional blackout setting. The vinyl dance flooring and open-plan space also add to the appeal of the studio.

Neat Photography and Videography studio for hire in West London

Another photography studio rental that lets you go crazy with the colours, this space is also located conveniently near the markets, restaurants and bars of Notting Hill and Holland Park.

1400sq ft​ Infinity Cove Studio to rent in East London

As well as being well-equipped and having a spacious layout, this studio can also be connected to its neighbouring studio space to create an even bigger layout to work with.

Large Film and Photography studio with vehicle access available to hire in Kent

A mix of infinity cove, and darker studio space, big enough to fit large groups for a shoot.

Large Open Plan photography studio for hire in West Yorkshire

In Yorkshire, this studio has six shooting areas to use, alongside a natural light area and an infinity cove as well!

Wide space to hire for events and creative activities in Walthamstow

This studio shines as both a versatile event space and a unique photo studio for rental. The ceiling is kitted with party lights that can help bring some psychadelic vibes to your shoot.

Versatile photo and performance studio for hire in Suffolk

While the average infinity cove only has two sides, this place boasts three! It may not sound like much, but it can have a seriously positive impact on your subject. Especially so if you are taking a video.

If a photography studio rental here takes your liking, why not head to HotPatch and book one for yourself? You can find everything pictured above and more right here.

Alternatively, maybe you have your own studio that would benefit from being let out to others? You can list it with ease by heading here.

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