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From Garage to Gallery: Rent a Studio Space

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds. HotPatch invites you to explore the extraordinary prospect of renting a studio space in vibrant artistic hubs. Discover the magic of these spaces and unlock the possibilities when you rent studio space with HotPatch.

The Warehouse: A Blank Canvas for the Creative Mind

Enter the realm of a transformed warehouse, where empty walls have become a testament to boundless creativity. With ample studio space and industrial charm, these warehouses offer artists and makers the freedom to explore large-scale projects, immersive installations, and collaborative endeavours. Rent a studio space in a warehouse and let your imagination run wild.

An industrial warehouse to rent in Leyton
Industrial Warehouse to rent in Leyton

The Shared Studio Space to Rent: Collaborative Creativity

Explore the wonders of collaboration in a shared studio! Join a thriving community of prop makers, sign painters, illustrators, designers & artists, fostering collaboration and inspiration. Embrace the artistic energy of a shared studio space, and let your creativity flourish in this dynamic setting.

A desk in a creative art studio in hackney that is available to rent
Creative space for hire in Hackney​

The Abandoned Factory: Where History Meets Art

Experience the revival of an abandoned factory as it breathes new life as an artistic hub. These industrial relics have been reclaimed by visionary artists, who transform their vast halls into galleries, studios, and immersive experiences. Rent a studio space in an abandoned factory and become part of a thriving community that celebrates the fusion of art and history.

A quirky 1930s industrial studio space to rent in Haggerston
Quirky 1930s industrial studio space to rent in Haggerston

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