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Music Studio to Rent: 5 of our Best Sounding Spaces in London!

Your music deserves a studio-quality recording. And where else is there to go for studio-quality sound than in a music studio? So where do you find a music studio to hire? We’ve got a couple ideas…

With our selection of studios to rent in London, we’re making it simpler to be able to produce your dream song or album, by giving it the quality finish it deserves.

Floating Music Studio for hire in London

Living inside one of London’s “best kept secret” creative houses, this studio is purpose built to have “above industry standard” equipment, software & plugins for you to get the best results.

Aesthetic & comfortable Writing & Recording Studio for hire in Paddington​,​ London 

Built for tracking vocals and instruments, this modern recording studio has a control room for music production and an in-house engineer upon request. The studio has everything needed to allow for maximum creativity whilst offering a productive environment for an engineer and artist. 

Music Studio to rent in a productive environment for creatives in Haggerston​,​ London

This studio is available for music production, podcast recording and live-streaming. In addition, the open and comfortable environment allows artists to perform at their best.

Lively music studio to rent in North London

This studio is ideal for writing, production, mastering and listening , plus it’s easily set up for filming and screening too with its secure & strong connectivity.

Large modular sofas, impeccable audio, mood lighting and a large LCD screen make this versatile studio perfect for whatever creative project you’re working on.

Music studio to rent with live room and sound engineer in Lambeth​,​ London

Part of a lively creative hub, this music studio to rent includes a live room and sound engineer, making it kitted out just right for new musicians and industry veterans.

See a Patch you like? HotPatch has music studio space to rent for performing, recording and rehearsing however you want. You can find everything pictured above here on our website.

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