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5 Places to Rent in Liverpool for all kinds of Professionals

HotPatch isn’t just about London! If you’re in Liverpool you’ll find we have a varied supply of Patches just waiting for you to book!

Fully equipped Photography & Videography studio to rent in Liverpool

The studio is curated for all your creative needs. With natural light coming from the skylights and an open-plan studio design​,​ you can easily move around to make sure you are able to work in a space that works for you and your team​/​crew.

Multi-use Fitness Studio to rent in Broadway, Liverpool

This well-sized fitness space is perfect for PTs and instructors looking for a place to host clients with flexibility. In addition to the equipment provided, this gym also has the space to hold yoga and pilates classes too.

Tattoo Chair available to rent in L13 Liverpool

Not every salon can be expected to also provide facilities for tattoo artists, but fortunately with HotPatch you can find a chair kitted out just for you!

Barber Chair to rent in L1 Liverpool

Work with your clients within a popular established brand in Liverpool’s city centre, with access to the whole shop included!

Private Room to rent for any sector in the City Centre of Liverpool

No matter what your profession, you need space, and this salon is happy to provide it with a shed-sized room for whatever freelance exploits you need a Patch for.

See a Patch you like? HotPatch has music studio space to rent for performing, recording and rehearsing however you want. You can find everything pictured above here on our website.

Are you looking for space to rent, or do you want to rent out your own space? You can find or list space in seconds at

Perhaps you’ve just gone on google and searched ‘space to rent in Liverpool’, and by chance have found your way to our blog? We have many more blogs about our many spaces and the cool stuff people get up to in them!

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