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Top Boy, Top Patch – Finding the Perfect Podcast Space for Kano

How do you make a legendary Patch even more legendary? You bring in a legend to hang out there of course!

We helped musician and Top Boy star Kano down to Fiction studios in order to take part in an episode of the Flagrant podcast.

While looking more like a bookshop from some angles, this Patch opens out into an expansive studio. It’s perfect for recording music, podcasts, or whatever else you want to shout about in a professional sound booth.

And to think, it could have ended up looking very different! When Nathan and the Fiction Studios team first moved in here, they decided to make the most of an abandoned space filled with books and other memorabilia.

Instead of throwing it all out, the studio became one of the coolest looking places to record in.

And this is just one of the many famous faces who have used the studio. This old library-themed recording studio has been host to all sorts of talent, from True Geordie, Andrew Schulz and the Flagrant Team and many more!

We had a great time with Kano in this Patch like no other. You can get in on all the banter too, as the full episode of Kano’s Flagrant talk is available to listen to for free right here:

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