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Creating Content in your space, Earning money when you’re not

From User to Host: How HotPatch unlocks new opportunities for Content Creators

“Create create create. Don’t wait!”

Rapper, model, voiceover artist, creative, and now both a HotPatch user and host! James Pyke came to HotPatch looking for a Patch for a modelling shoot, and we helped him find this sick studio. A few months later he decided to rent out his very own Patch on the HotPatch platform too. Now the setting of many of his TikToks is available for anyone to use right here!

James Pyke, Content Creator and owner of a Beautiful Open-Plan Apartment Studio available to rent

We took the chance to ask James some questions about his work, space, and content creation!

You make music, videos, voice-overs and more…what is it about the content-creation business that appeals to you so much?

The content creation business appeals to me because you’re free to be creative. You have to think on your feet, react to what is happening in real time, and you’re always doing something new. No one day is the same, you know, you constantly meet different people from different walks of life. It makes such a great community that’s always growing.

A lot of your TikToks feature you in your house that you’ve listed on HotPatch. Do you think the home-made quality of your videos contribute to their enjoyability or relatability?

I think so, yeah. I feel like TikTok’s appeal is that it isn’t polished and staged. Most of the content feels quite real and relatable. By having my own living space as a Patch, my content can always have a nice balance between professional and personal, which helps it appeal to viewers.

How did you come across HotPatch?

Through a recommendation from a friend who had used the site before, when I was looking for somewhere sweet to do a photoshoot. I was literally spoiled for choice, it was mad, I ended up in an amazing New York-style studio in Hackney.

What made you realise that you could rent out your own creative space too?

After using HotPatch myself and chatting with another host who lived in their own Patch, my brain could not stop whirring as they told me all about it. I thought it was a great idea, and one that fitted my lifestyle perfectly. I could create content in an awesome space, and earn money when I wasn’t.

Do you have any requirements for people who want to rent your creative space?

No, not really. Just be respectful of the space. Using a site like HotPatch involves a lot of community interaction, so I get a good idea of who is using my Patch. I know most people I meet will be like me and understand that this space is also my home and a workspace for others, and will respect the Patch as so.

What do you think sets your Patch apart from a more traditional photo studio or shoot location?

It’s an open plan warehouse apartment, so it’s got a really unique feel (plus my own added personal charm), and a beautiful kitchen too!

You say your Patch has been used by the likes of Puma and Adidas, what is it like to have big companies working in your own living space?

It’s cool seeing how shoots work on a slightly bigger scale. It’s especially interesting that all these huge companies need a normal space for shoots like everybody else. The fact that my home fit their needs was awesome. During the shoots everybody is always super friendly and happy, so it’s a lot of fun.

If you were touring someone around your Patch, what feature would you absolutely not want them to miss?

It’s gotta be the kitchenette! It’s super-accessible, has some nice tiling, and really blends in with the rest of my room. I film a lot of my videos there as a result. I also have to highlight the bedroom light box, if it doesn’t highlight itself enough!

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into creative work like you?

 Create create create. Don’t wait!

Thanks very much, James. Where can people find you if they’re interested in seeing your work?

James Pyke on TikTok and Spotify, Mrjamespyke on insta.

Want to rent James’ creative space? You can do so right here. Plus, we have hundreds more awesome Patches on offer for you to rent.

Has James’ story made you realise you have a Patch of your own that could benefit from being listed on HotPatch? It’s as easy as signing up here and following the simple listing instructions!

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