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7 of our Favourite Salon Spaces

Beauty Salons rock. One of their greatest assets is how they can facilitate a number of different hair, nail, and face treatments. It’s why we love them so much at HotPatch; one salon can be used by many hair & beauty professionals in need of space to rent for their work and businesses.

Beauty Rooms are often the most diverse part of a hair & beauty salon. They can contain whatever apparatus one wants in a salon, but they are normally dedicated to more specific aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. You’ll be more likely to find electric beauty beds and steamers in a beauty room compared to traditional hairdressing and styling equipment.

Lots of our HotPatch hosts are salon owners with a beauty room or two to rent alongside their other salon spaces. If you’re a professional who practices physical therapy, massages, or other beauty treatments, they might have the perfect Patch for you!

Here are a handful of HotPatch’s treatment and beauty rooms to rent in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton and more…

Beauty Room to rent in an exciting​,​ fun​,​and buzzy salon located in Shepherd’s Bush​​

While the centrepiece of this room is its adjustable beauty bed, there is also a well-lit nail bar station, and a very comfy sofa area for pedicures. The flowers, fireplace and lights spread about the place give this Patch a truly pleasant atmosphere.

Charming​, stylish and modern salon treatment room for rent in Farringdon​,​Central London

Located in a trendy and vibrant area, this high-standard salon beauty room is great for professionals who want to work away from usual hustle and bustle of Central London.

Treatment room to rent in a Birmingham creative hub for beauty professionals

This salon’s biggest feature is its creative space for anything from beauty service lessons to brand-led events. Being located in Birmingham makes this space a great hub outside of London for industry enthusiasts and professionals to congregate.

Treatment room to rent in a great location in Withington​,​ Manchester

If the previous pedicure setup was not to your taste, you might prefer this salon’s more rustic beauty spaces. Its modern atmosphere makes this patch very elegant in its own way.

Comfortable Beauty Room to rent in Fulham​,​ London

This room is just as nice as it looks, with a very comfy beauty bed, couch, sink and shower for a range of treatments and cosmetics.

Treatment room to rent for therapy, massages and more ​in Epping​,​ Essex

Between this Epping salon’s beautiful tile flooring and flowery chandeliers is a beauty room with some very fancy seating. The Patch also includes professional lighting tools for extra-precise work. You’ll be able to showcase some expert treatments here while making your customers feel like royalty!

Tranquil treatment room with natural light to rent in Central Brighton

Unlike the bright pastel colours of previous beauty rooms, this Patch emphasises its tranquillity through warm lighting, diffusers and music. It’s a luxurious contrast to the Brighton surroundings, making it a very unique workspace for professionals.

See a Patch you like? HotPatch has even more beauty rooms and salons of all kinds available to rent. You can find everything pictured above and more here at our website.

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