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Affordable Recording Studio to rent: Find Your Sound Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to pursuing your passion for music or podcasting, renting a recording studio can be a game-changer. However, studio time can get expensive quickly, especially for independent artists and podcasters. In this blog post, we’ll help you find a cheap recording studio to rent and how they can help you find your sound […]

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Step inside Hackney Wick’s Hottest Recording Studio

Urchin Studios is not your average recording studio to rent. It’s a purpose-built Patch for London’s musical talent, situated a stones throw away from Hackney Wick station. In this Patch you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere, natural light and a selection of high-end recording equipment. What makes this London recording studio so unique is its separate […]

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How The GoGo Burns Laid down a quality cover with a HotPatch Studio

This band is on fire with passionate tunes… ..and with the help of a high-quality recording studio available on HotPatch, the neighbours won’t be complaining about the noises above! This performance has us obsessed, without becoming a bore, oh no! Now that I’ve ran out of appropriate lyrics from the song in question, let’s talk […]