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Patches to Keep your New Year’s Resolution With

Trying out something new this year but worried about the common hurdles?

You’ve probably given yourself a New Year’s Resolution at some point. For many it’s going on a diet, exercising, or starting a new hobby. On the other hand it might be a more general thing like socialising more, or being spontaneous. Some people have even bigger goals like starting a new business or profession. 

new year's resolution spaces

But starting something new, especially after a season that leaves many with less money to spare than usual, can have a lot of obstacles. Around 64% of us give up our resolutions within a month, sometimes due to a lack of motivation and other times due to the resolution just being too vague. Lack of motivation can be based on worries about costs, time, and location, all of which can put you off of stepping outside your comfort zone before you’ve even started.

What if, after buying a load of art equipment, you decide this new creative venture isn’t for you? Or maybe you want to pursue your dream job of being a music teacher, but you just don’t have the space at home to teach lessons?   

Renting space with the facilities to learn, or teach, can make keeping a New Year’s Resolution much less daunting, even if you change your mind about it in the end.

Plus, without having already spent big on your new hobby or interest, you’ll have a much better idea of whether or not you really enjoy it before taking the next big step.

Whether you want to finally record that hit track outside of the garage, or try your hand at an instrument without shelling out for what might end up as a house ornament, these spaces are an excellent way to try out something new for 2022. 

Spacious Art Studio to rent in Clapham

  • From £48 per hour

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more artistic, this Patch can facilitate a lot of creativity that you might not have the room for at home. In addition, the large space and tables available are great for artists who want to start teaching their craft in group sessions or workshops.

Multi-purpose live room for hire in the heart of London

  • From £17 per hour

Stocked with guitars, drums, microphones and an upright piano, this Patch is like a pick-and-mix of musical wonders. It’s perfect for somebody who wishes to learn an instrument for their New Year’s Resolution, but hasn’t quite reached the stage of deciding which instrument they want to learn. It works just as well for a teacher who needs a multi-purpose room for classes, or a band looking for some performance practice space.

Recording ​and Production Studio for hire in North London

  • From £15 per hour

Perhaps you’re already confident with an instrument, but now you’re challenging yourself with making some music for yourself. The recording equipment required can range from simple to incredibly complex, so as a New Year’s Resolution things can become overwhelming fast. Renting this space can equip you with all the tools you might need for trying your hand at music production.

Multi-use Fitness Studio​ Space to rent in Broadway​,​ Liverpool

  • From £10 per hour

This studio has enough space for a budding Personal Trainer who is taking the plunge into the world of fitness training, but doesn’t want to be weighed down by all the trials and tribulations of becoming a large-scale gym instructor. Included with the Patch are a selection weights, a rowing machine and punching bag, with room for other fitness classes like yoga and pilates.

Podcast Studio to rent for up to 4 people in Lambeth​,​ London

  • From £20 per hour

With podcasts becoming increasingly common, it may be that you have made a New Year’s Resolution to start your own. If that’s the case, you might have realised that a good podcast requires high-quality microphones and reliable soundproofing. For people who just want to see how their first podcast fares on Spotify before turning it into a career, renting out a proper studio that is both affordable and very comfortable are must-haves. The mics, mixers and furniture are accounted for, all you need is an SD card and a couple of friends.

Piano & Music Studio for hire in London​,​ South Northwood

  • From £7 per hour

A cosy place with an upright Yamaha is the best environment to start teaching lessons in. This Patch is as flexible as the rest, with multiple stools for duets alongside guitars and ukuleles for acoustic lessons. Overall, it’s perfect for helping to make that piano teacher dream come true.

Have a New Year’s Resolution you want to keep? Maybe one of these spots can help you out. All of the Patches above and move are available to rent at HotPatch.

Do you need to rent space, or are you interested in renting out your own space? You can find and list space in seconds right here.

For any further questions, please reach out to us in the comments below, online or on our social media channels:

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