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Beauty salons, nail salons and barbers continue to take top spot on the high street according to new data

Despite a 13.9% increase in vacancy across UK high streets in the first half of this year, most hair and beauty destinations have shown continued resilience. However, hairdressing locations continue to decline

Following a period of buoyancy post-Covid, UK retail locations have witnessed increased vacancy over the last half-year due to the cost of living crisis. According to the Local Data Company’s most recent report, there has been an average net loss of 4000 units across the UK.

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Impressively, the majority of beauty service destinations buck the trend and continue to see net growth. According to the findings, barbers have seen a net increase of 304 units, whilst nail salons have increased by 142, and beauty salons by 130.

Speaking on the data, Lucy Stainton, Commercial Director for Local Data Company puts this down to the much cited ‘lipstick effect’. ‘Customers are seeking beauty services to feel better in a low cost setting,’ she said.

It should be noted that, whilst barbers remain in the top spot, the increase in these premises has slowed. In previous full year reporting, the locations saw an increase of 545 units. This points towards the challenges that hair services have struggled to overcome when it comes to energy consumption and staffing.

The same hurdles have undoubtedly been witnessed by the hairdressing sector, which has experienced the largest decline over the last six months. The -414 drop in units is a smaller drop than seen previously, however figures continue to show the sector’s vulnerability on the high street.

‘An increasing number of mobile and at-home hairdressers, as well as the frequency of visits and investment needed, have all contributed to the continued reduction of hair salons,’ shares Stainton.

‍You can download the report here.

Original article written by Grace Warn for the British Beauty Council. Original article featured here.

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