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The Crodie Files Journey: Challenges, Innovations, and a Hint of HotPatch Magic

Starting your own podcast is scary stuff, but Jodie and Craig rose to the challenge and found a podcast studio to rent for their first episode, with a little bit of help from HotPatch! We’re excited to present an exclusive glimpse into the remarkable journey of Craig and Jodie, the creators behind “The Crodie Files” podcast. As we delve into their insightful interview, we catch a glimpse of their challenges, triumphs, and inspirations, all interwoven into the fabric of their podcasting journey.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are both working as Executive Assistants for global organisations and have over forty years of combined industry experience across many business sectors, working with entrepreneurs and C-Suite Executives. We met in the workplace, albeit for a very short time and hit it off with our passion and advocacy for the profession. Craig had always wanted to start a podcast but had yet to meet the person to drive him into taking action.

What inspired you to start “The Crodie Files” podcast?

We were chatting one day at lunch, and the ideas kept coming and bouncing off each other. The conversation shifted to “Well, what are we waiting for then” Let’s do it. I (Jodie) was a bit more reserved and preferred taking a back seat when it came to the limelight. I had only started publicly networking in our industry just a few years ago, so I was learning more and more about myself every day. We both really wanted to do something different, far away from our comfort zones and decided it was time to share the knowledge, which became our shared mantra. We both believe we can’t feel accomplished if we don’t share what we know.

What challenges did you face when you first started your podcasting journey, and how did you overcome them?

How to start and what to do first was a blocker. We had so many ideas floating around we had to get organised and come up with a step-by-step plan of action as well as think of how we could fit this around our day jobs and families. Another challenge was the vast array of platforms you can record and edit on. It’s a minefield of options. The budget was also a challenge as we had to self-fund the basics to get going, but we didn’t let that stop us; where there’s a will, there IS a way! Craig and I wanted to get sponsorship and professional guidance, prove we would deliver the best show with a unique format, and ensure all involved were winning.

In the world of administrative professionals and support staff, what topics do you feel are most important to discuss on your podcast?

The role – defining it, how it is evolving, what it is, what it isn’t and what it could be. Plus learning and development (Continuous Professional Development) of course, the importance of networking and what that means for us, how to go about it, etc. Our unique format also leaves it open to the listeners to tell us what they want to be addressed or discussed by sending in a “Hi Crodie…” question via email. This is proven so popular and gives us, as hosts, a better insight into what our listeners want
us to discuss.

How has the experience of finding a podcast studio to rent through HotPatch enhanced your podcasting process?

Well, this was something we first never thought we were 1) ready for or 2) could afford as podcast newbies, but in hindsight was THE best call we have made to date. We are so pleased we found HotPatch; finding a podcast studio to rent that suited our budget, location and needs was easy. The communication was great, and our first recording day went really well. Our hosts were amazing and so friendly, as well as super helpful. The quality of recording we gained from this session has set the tone for our show.

Image showing a podcast studio to rent in La
Podcast studio to rent up to 4 people in Lambeth​,​ London

How do you envision the future of “The Crodie Files” and what are your goals for the podcast?

We really want to keep pushing the information out there on how versatile and business-critical assistants are, what we do, produce, and the huge value we bring to any organisation or individual. We will also be hosting end-of-season podcast parties for our audience, team and collaborators to attend and network with each other (and us) and generally celebrate our profession and bring the podcast to life! In the future, we would like to see the podcast in triple-digit seasons and take it to careers fairs and industry exhibitions to keep advocating for the profession as a career of choice with extensive personal growth with many different career pathways. We would also love to see “The Crodie Files Live” at shows and events where we can really interact with the audience and have that live chat show vibe.

How can listeners connect with you and stay updated on your latest podcast episodes?

On LinkedIn, YouTube and via our website for the latest news (fill in your details to stay in the loop), search “The Crodie Files” on your favourite streaming platform.

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